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Full question: The future of of nursing report in the Institue of Medicine’s 2010 Report “ the future of Nursing Leading Change, Advancing Health reports and emphasizes the advances of higher education in a high demand nursing profession. and calls out for the transformation of health care strongly calling for adaptation to a rapidly growing health system. Requiring nurses to pursue higher education. Furthermore, that includes the best evidence base practices and Provide improving quality care and promoting healthy lifestyle. n a health system that requires damand for care. Advances in higher degrees obviously it expansion opportunities for nurse to leand and collaborate in the high demands that require. However the goals for meeting the substantial improvements also have increiable amout of responsibilities and this can . The report address significant changes in nures roles and responsibility to meet the demand for care and the need to improve the healthcare system. Nurse have a great amount of autonomy they possesses the power to diagnose and treat patients and as an Advance Practice Nurse the authority to prescribe medication. This responsibility leaves nurses open to malpractice law suits from patients who are unhappy with their treatment, or suffer side effects. Furthermore, If a patient dies, the nurse may also be sued by the patient's family. Nurses may face malpractice or civil lawsuits for medications that are administered incorrectly or in the wrong doses, even if the medications are prescribed by a physician. Challenges are lack of staff, resourses and support systems which can lead to consequenes

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