Redistricting (Texas)

Full question: Introduction (1/2 page)—state your issue as currently understood  Background (1-1 ½ pages)—describe your issue and its history. Why is the issue important? How has government addressed the issue in the past?  Government (1-1 ½ pages)—How is state and/or local government currently addressing the issue? (legislation, judicial decision, agency report, etc.). It is acceptable to mention federal government policies, but only as context.  Opinion (1-1 ½ pages)—Include at least two different opinions on the issue. Also include your own, but this should be in addition to the two contrasting opinions.  Conclusion—The Action Plan is the culmination of your research. It consists of: (1) an issue in your topic area; (2) what could be done to address the issue, in other words, what new policy could be implemented; (3) what level and branch of government would be necessary to implement the policy; and (4) how you could act to promote the new policy.  References list—must be in APA format (see below). Note the References list does not count toward page or word minimum requirements. The report should be 4-5 pages double-spaced (1200 words minimum). Parenthetical citations should be sprinkled throughout the paper to avoid the appearance of plagiarism. If a quote is longer than three lines, then use offset quote format. Quotes are not counted towards minimum length requirements.

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