The assignment is to: write a Proposal for a research.

Full question: The assignment is to: write a Proposal for a research. The assignment will require you to choose a topic of interest to you, and to produce a detailed project plan so that you might undertake research on the proposal topic. It should be a detailed project plan describing the topic, identifying potential unanswered questions within the chosen technology field, and including a proposal for a research plan to address these questions. This research proposal could be used as the basis for your dissertation. You must work individually. This coursework should be 4000 words. The topic should be related to technology and to Computer Science. Structure and Requirements of the Project Proposal This would be a research proposal that involves you in setting out a proposal with a research and technical focus on a topic of your interest, related to technology and computer science. The proposed research could be either primary or secondary. The structure of the proposal should be as follows (on separate page): - Abstract (150-200 words): A summary of the proposal - Table of Contents: This will list all the sections of the proposal with their page numbers Main Body - Background and literature review (1200-1500 words and citations): Depending on the topic, within this section you should evaluate the existing background or any enterprise as a brand, with emphasis on the brand name, logo and brand positioning in relation to the competitors and the wider market. Also include any existing mission statement and company vision. This section should incorporate information on the wider market. Geo-demographics and market trends should also be discussed. Incorporate information on the wider market initially and then filter into your specific market. Consumer trends, competition trends, strengths and weakness of competitors could be used to frame the worthiness of your plan and support your proposal for future research. - Rationale of project (3-4 sentences): Goals and incentives of the proposed project should be discussed in this section - Aims of the research (3-4 sentences): Aims of the research and research questions should be discussed - Methodology (1200-1500 words and citations): Include a detailed plan for how the research will be carried out. This part of the research proposal should include data collection methods, procedures, analysis methods, and also information about the author’s knowledge and how this relates to the research approach. Digital methods of data collection approaches should be included. You are also required to provide a concise explanation of the approach and method(s) that you are going to use in order to meet your research objectives. You should mention the options open to you (e.g. a quantitative or qualitative approach), state and justify the reasons for the option you have chosen (e.g. a qualitative approach using a combination of participant observation and in-depth interviews) as opposed to the other options. The design, materials and the adopted procedure should be discussed and justified appropriately. Remember that you have to support your view by including in-text citation throughout the whole assignment. For primary research, thought should be given to the sample (who, how many, where and so on) and for example, in the case of a questionnaire survey, reflect on issues such as the likely response rate, the type and wording of questions, and the statistical tests to be used in analysis of the data. For qualitative methods such as focus groups, and interviews, thought should be given to the potential participants, the methods of recording and transcription, and the analytical techniques to be used. For documents, comment on the availability of archive material, and the method(s) of textual analysis to be employed. You will also need to comment on matters of validity, reliability and generalizability. - Ethical considerations (3 sentences): Ethical issues related to the proposed project should be discussed. - Proposed Analysis of data (3-4 sentences): Primary or secondary research should be analyzed in detail, paying attention on the techniques that would be employed for the data analysis. - Proposed Timeline (usually weekly timeline): Start with the literature search & review, continue describing how you plan to conduct the whole research. The timeline should be weekly ideally. - List of References (10 different references): A full and detailed list of references should be included particularly relating to your secondary research, existing studies and research methodology. You should include at least 10 different references (books, scientific articles, magazines and websites). - Appendices: Rather than disrupt the flow of the proposal, relevant documentation can be placed in an appendix. Important - Research questions: Should be at least 4 research questions - The assignment should include the aforementioned parts of any research proposal - The research design and method for data collection should be clearly described and include well-defined evaluation criteria. - Plagiarism – Turnitin - Moogle: Should be less than 10% - Deadline of assignment is January 3rd - The assignment must follow the Harvard reference style Guidance Notes A successful assignment should include: - All main Research Proposal parts - Data analysis, which must combine quantitative and qualitative analysis. Students’ choices must be justified accordingly. The type of analysis should also be described thoroughly. - A well written literature review, clearly showing an organized research of the most relevant literature - Clear discussion of the research questions - A well thorough-out and justified methodology - A time plan with activities and milestones Assessment Criteria Students should ensure that their work provides answers to the following questions: - Why should we care about this research? - How will this research contribute new knowledge to the scientific area? - How will the data be collected? - Is the data qualitative, quantitative or mixed and why? - How are the data analyzed and why? Marking Criteria Marks will be given to your proposal on the basis of four broad areas as follows: - LITERATURE REVIEW/ENTERPRISE CONTEXT/BACKGROUND (25%) The writer should include a contextualization of the proposal within a wider environment high lighting markets trends and competitor analysis. Remember that you have to support your view by including in-text citation throughout the whole assignment. - RATIONALE, AIMS AND GOALS OF THE PROJECT UNDER RESEARCH (30%) The writer should provide us with a clear purpose of the proposed project and describe the aims/objections (or central research question and sub questions) in a clear, relevant and coherent manner. These should not be simply descriptive but involve explanation, comparison, evaluation or criticism. Depending on the topic, you may have to outline with mission statement and vision of a company. - RESEARCH DESIGN, METHODOLOGY & DATA ANALYASIS (35%) The writer should set out and justify the research approach. You should outline the methodology along with the advantages/disadvantages of different methods as well as your chosen approach; your sampling method, research technique(s) and method of analysis should be outlined; issues of reliability, ethics, validity and generalizability need to be discussed. Remember that you have to support your view by including in-text citation throughout the whole assignment. - PRESENTATION (10%) The proposal needs to be well written and structured. Use report style format with appropriate headings and sub-headings. Use page numbers and number tables and figures. Include a short abstract at the beginning of the proposal. Provide a list of sections, appendices and figures. Include a list of references using the Harvard Referencing system

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