Carolyn Foster Segal’s essay “The Dog Ate My Disk and Other Tales of Woe” gives numerous outrageous albeit creative excuses for late and missing school work (460). Examples range from family deaths (461) to technology failures (462). Being in the age of technology it is very believable that computer failures and problems would be a valid…………….. READ FULL DISCUSSION

excuse for missing and late school work, but teachers have become smarter and hip to our excuses now. I have used the “my computer won’t save my work” excuse before. It seems to be a very believable excuse, but I didn’t dare use it on one of my younger professors. I saved that one for one of my older professors who was less technology savvy. It surprisingly worked and my work was received at a later time without penalty. More related articles

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Daum’s essay “Fame-iness” Describes how the concept of celebrity has changed over the years (511). HE makes the point that not too long ago it took strenuous effort to be recognized as a celebrity (512)…….. READ FULL DISCUSSION

He argues that fame is all about niches now. Famous people nowadays only appeal to certain groups of people and it seems that every niche has their celebrity that they look up to for whatever reason. Famous aren’t really famous for anything of much importance anymore which is why they rarely if ever appeal to the masses. More related articles