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Corona Virus-COVID-19 and SAT / ACT scores for 2021-22 academic year Applications

some institutions of higher learning will accept them for the 2021-22 academic year without the SAT/ACT scores

corona and education

COVID-19 and Higher Education

Like any other field, the education field has also been affected by many institutions of higher learning being closed down to control the spread of ...

“College Pressures” by William Zinser

“College Pressures” by William Zinser focuses on the pressures of college students at Yale University in 1979 which are still prevalent today (450). Zinser’s wish ...


I’m Your Teacher, Not Your Internet-Service Provider

The article by Ellen Laird, “I’m Your Teacher, Not Your Internet-Service Provider”, can be seen as a comparison between internet learning and the up close ...

2020 Assignment writing Giants

2020 Assignment writing Giants are those companies that will emerge as the best in helping students with assignments. Are you wondering what will happen to ...