The Literature Review Writing Services consists of a brief analysis of the related literature dealing with the topic of the project. It provides a broad, impartial overview and synthesis of the accessible literature related to the proposed research topic. It identifies the topics, themes, trends, and conflicts in research methodology, design, and previous findings.

Importance of a Dissertation Literature Review  writing services

It describes the literature in related topic areas and its relevance to the research topic and research approach. It also includes both the academic theory and, if applicable, the implementation industry. Literature reviews serve as a collection of sources that supported and led to the development of the research. The comparative analysis and synthesis of the literature to a coherent exposition are of supreme importance.

This chapter acts as the foundation for the entire research. For any topic, there is already a collection of research studies already performed. It is important to acknowledge what is already known regarding the topic and the related systems. Moreover, you demonstrate that this research focuses on further new developments of knowledge and understanding. Sometimes this area has not been addressed from the perspective you plan to use.

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You use some sources of academic information related to the work you suggest doing and analyzing them, showing how your work addresses some existing gaps or extending them. You compare and contrast the sources with each other as well as your approach. The majority of the references must be from the refereed academic journals, that are found in online libraries. To write a perfect dissertation literature review, you can use a theoretical framework. The theoretical framework discusses the interrelationships among the variables that are deemed to be integral to the dynamics of the situation being investigated. The section needs to describe the overall topic to be investigated, outline the approach taken for the literature review, and argue the evolution of the problem based on the gap defined in the literature from its origination to its current form. You can also provide theory(ies) or model(s) that provide the foundation for the research. The section should present the theory(ies) or models(s) and explain how the problem under investigation relates to the theory(ies) or model(s).