The dissertation data Analysis Chapter is highly important in the dissertation writing process. Analysis of data is a very important chapter in dissertation writing since it consists of collected data as well as the analysis from the researcher. However, data presentation and analyzing it in a comprehensive way that can be understood is the main concept of having a well-organized analysis chapter.

Contents of an Analysis Chapter

The analysis should be carried out in an appropriate format with enough details that offers support to the researcher’s views. Different sections should and must be included in the data analysis chapter of the dissertation. First, the dissertation should have a summary discussing the purpose of the research and the process used to conduct the research. In addition, in the summary, it is important to include a good description of data types, instruments of collecting data as well as any assumptions that might have been made during the research.

Secondly, the data analysis chapter also includes a detailed description of the entire research question one by one. Thirdly, the researcher performs both qualitative and mathematical analysis of collected data and statistics. The chapter ends with a conclusion of all questions separately and the researcher’s insights drawn from the analysis. The analysis chapter forms the foundation that helps the researcher to draw conclusions, obtain patterns, and give recommendations.

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The research work highly depends on the way the analysis chapter is done. Both qualitative and quantitative data should be properly documented and necessary tools, approaches, and conclusions indicating the researcher’s analytical view. The most crucial thing to know about the analysis chapter is that it is not meant for analysis. Therefore the chapter should be written in a good manner to ensure that it is interesting g and self-explanatory to the readers. Effective communication should be clearly reflected in the writing style for the purpose of finding and result to the person reading the chapter.