The Dissertation Introduction Chapter Writing includes background to the research, research aims, objectives and research questions, research justification, research scope, and a description of the contents of the entire dissertation. As the researcher, you explain your topic area. The explanation includes suitable background information as well as why the selected topic is of interest to you and to others. Moreover, you provide information regarding the motivation of your research, the potential benefit to the firm or industry, actions likely to result from valuable insights gained from the academic angle of your research, and the underlying academic constructs or theories and of particular relevance to the research.

Importance of a Dissertation Introduction Chapter  Writing

A dissertation introduction is very significant. It explains both the history of and the present state of the problem and research focus. It identifies the “gap” or based on a summary of the current literature and discusses how the study will address that “gap.” The researcher can also discuss the problem statement, the population affected, and how the study is likely to contribute to solving the problem.

In the introduction, the researcher narrows the focus of the study by specifying the research questions to address the problem statement. Based on the research questions, the researcher describes the variables and or groups and their hypothesized relationship (quantitative study) or the phenomena under investigation (qualitative study).

To write a perfect dissertation introduction, provide a wider view of the research field, explain how the specific research fits into the broad area, introduce the main objectives, hypotheses, or research questions and justify the research. You need to set out the scope of the entire research by explaining how you will address the research hypotheses or questions highlighted to reach a valid conclusion. Moreover, you must provide a brief overview of the research focus or problem, explain why the study is worth conducting, and discuss how the study will be completed. Lastly, provides an overview of what is contained in the whole dissertation.

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