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The dissertation introduction chapter writing is very important to the process of completing your dissertation. This is because if you mess this chapter, you will struggle throughout the whole process, and if you get it right, then writing your dissertation will be an easy process. Your dissertation introduction chapter should be concise and straight to the point. This chapter determines the direction that your research will take and what will be the purpose of conducting the research.

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What is the purpose of a dissertation introduction chapter?

A good dissertation introduction chapter will start by defining the problem and giving a good background information. This is a build-up to the role of a dissetation introduction chapter , which is establishing the importance of the research. This establishes the significance and the worthiness of the research. After this, it is important to have the objectives that the research intends on attaining. To attain this objective, research questions are used to guide the process and the introduction chapter should have the research questions that will be used to guide the research and documentation process.

How to write a dissertation introduction chapter

Your dissertation introduction chapter should be organized in a manner that takes care of the flow of ideas to lead to the thesis statement of the research. To achieve the best introduction chapter, there are sections that should be included.
  • Topic and context: This is the section defining your topic and the background information to indicate the importance of research on the particular field. This section also shows that your research is timely in trying to understand and find answers to the problem under investigation.
  • Focus and scope: This defines the expanse of the research, whether it is geographical, demographic or time limited. This is used to set the stage for research on a narrowed down area or subject of study.
  • Relevance and importance: It is necessary to defend your intended research, and this can be done in the introduction by how your research is relevant. This section also defines how your research fits in existing work on your particular topic.
  • Questions and objectives: Research objectives are defined by creating goals or what the research aims at achieving. To achieve the objectives, research must be guided through questions. The questions and objectives of the research are also defined in the dissertation introduction chapter.

Why write a dissertation introduction chapter?

Your dissertation introduction chapter will determine the direction of your research. The introduction includes a background to the research, research aims, objectives and research questions, research justification, research scope, and a description of the contents of the entire dissertation. As a researcher, you explain your topic area. The explanation includes suitable background information as well as why the selected topic is of interest to you and to others. Moreover, you provide information regarding the motivation of your research, the potential benefit to the firm or industry, actions likely to result from valuable insights gained, the academic angle of your research, and the underlying academic constructs or theories and of particular relevance to the research.

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