I’m Your Teacher; Not Your Internet-Service Provider

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In Ellen Laird’s essay “I’m Your Teacher; Not Your Internet-Service Provider” she expresses how much she believes technology has greatly changed learning and school (417). She looks at the differences of teaching in a classroom setting versus an online class. Having taken an online class myself, I agree with Laird’s opinion of online classes undermine teaching and learning (418). Online classes aren’t as authentic and hands on as in-class learning. The difference in the two learning experiences are very distinct. Online classes are much more technical and fast paced. They serve the purpose of gaining the credit rather than the knowledge and learning experience.

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“College Pressures” by William Zinser focuses on the pressures of college students at Yale University in 1979 which are still prevalent today (450). Zinser’s wish for all students to see failure as a means of growth might be a naïve wish because not ALL students see failure as growth, in fact many may see it for just what it is—failure. It was not justified for the father in Zinser’s essay to feel it was dumb of his daughter to want to be an art major, because it should be everyone’s prerogative to major in an area that they are extremely interested and passionate about. Having a career is so much more important than having a job.