Corona Virus will definitely have an effect on SAT / ACT scores requirements. With the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, education has been adversely affected, with students stuck at home, unable to attend classes. The problem has had financial implications where the institutions of higher learning are foreseeing a scenario where students will not be willing to immediately go back to school after the pandemic. This has a negative effect on the learning institutions and many of them have been seen to develop measures to control the damage. There are a number of strategies being applied and maybe the two major noticeable ones are;

  • Admission of men to previous women-only institutions

It has been noted that due to the anticipation of a drop in the number of students, institutions that have previously admitted women have started admitting men. However, men will only be allowed to stay off-campus. This is a move to allow the institution to reach its target student numbers.

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  • Admission to universities without SAT / ACT scores for 2021-22 academic year

Due to Corona Virus, in a move to ensure that students are not prevented from applying for their dream schools, some institutions of higher learning will accept them for the 2021-22 academic year without the SAT/ACT scores. However, their acceptance will be determined by a number of other scores in their school performances.

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The education sector is trying to fight the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic by developing measures that will ensure students attend school.