College application poses a challenge to many students due to the fear of being rejected, or failing to clearly express their interest in the particular institution. There are different factors to consider when applying for a college. These are pointers for students to put in mind when applying to their desired colleges.

  1. Your interest in the particular course – It is important to express your interest in a particular course and how this has been developed to this point where you have decided to apply for a certain institution. It is important to mention your career and life goals and how this course will assist you in attaining them.
  2. Your experience – Experience is important when applying for a particular course as this will be used to gauge your potential interaction with others and how your are going to share your experience. Here, if you have ever volunteered or worked at an institution, it is important to state.
  3. Why the particular institution – Universities and colleges like to know why you are preferring their school as opposed to other institutions. If you are choosing an institution because of its reputation and culture or maybe it is close to home, you should say it.
  4. Your contribution to the learning process – The best thing at this point is to state how given a chance, you will share your knowledge and experience with other students in class and during discussions.
  5. Your intentions after the course – Upon completion of the course, what do you intend to do? or how will the knowledge assist you to achieve your career and life goals.

NB: Remember that admission board members read thousands of application essays and for your essay to standout, it is important to be interesting. Remember to have a sense of humor but in a manner that is not offensive or that does not hurt your chances of getting admitted.

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