The Dissertation Methodology chapter shows how the researcher proposes to answer the research questions or investigate the hypothesis indicated in the introduction. A pilot study is recommended before using a questionnaire with the main sample. In this section, you discuss your research methodology.

Importance of a Dissertation Methodology Chapter

You indicate the epistemological approach, which may be a relativist, positivist, or constructionist. This informs the research design you choose and the research methods you will use to collect the secondary and primary data. You must justify your choice in terms of the learning objectives, the research question, and the research approach.

The dissertation provides the opportunity to investigate in more detail some aspects of skills, theory, or knowledge you have encountered during your course. The research process you will undertake requires you to engage with theory and how it relates to real practice. Given that, there are different ways you might approach your dissertation, the methodology is important in selecting the type of research method suitable for your research. Thus, the dissertation methodology is significant since it helps you to justify the research methods chosen.

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To write a perfect dissertation methodology, define the variables and or groups, describe in detail the specific design for the study and why it is the best design, explains the rationale for selecting a particular methodology, and discuss the setting, general population, target population, and study sample. Moreover, identify and describe the types of data collected, the specific instruments and the sources used to collect data, describe and defend the procedures used to determine the validity of the data collected, and describe how the data were collected for each variable or group. It is important for the researcher to discuss the potential ethical issues surrounding the research as well as how human subjects and data will be protected. A discussion of study limitations and assumptions may also help the study.