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A dissertation discussion chapter is very important to the dissertation of thesis writing process. This is because it is the chapter that ties up all the research findings and conclusions. In this chapter, it is important to define how the research finding ties to the current available knowledge on the particular topic. In the dissertation discussion chapter writing, give interpretation of how the research findings answer the research questions defined in the introduction chapter. You can have this chapter handled by expert essays writers for a perfect chapter and guaranteed top-grade results.

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How to write a dissertation discussion chapter

Writing the dissertation discussion chapter will require a lot of experience and a keen eye on details to ensure that points are well explained and that the reader understands. When writing the discussion, it is necessary to ensure you are further expounding and giving meaning to the research findings. This is to let the reader know how everything in the research objectives has been attained. To do this, there are a number of things to include in your dissertation discussion chapters.

What to include in the dissertation discussion chapter?

  • Interpretations: Here you have to interpret the research result. The aim of this is to make the reader understand what the results means. Research results might be presented in different forms such as tables, charts and graphs. It is your work as the student to make the reader understand what these results mean and how they answer the research questions.
  • Implications: After defining the results and having the reader understand what they mean, it is important to make the reader understand if the results matter at all. This is because the difference in results have implications, and these implications are what defines the research findings.
  • Limitations: This is a discussion on the limitations of the research and it includes a definition of what the results are not able to define for the reader. It is the build-up to the recommendation for a future research topic, so as to explore what was not defined by our research.
  • Recommendations: This is the definition of practical actions that you can recommend as a result of the research. This can include further research on a particular topic.
  • Why hire a professional dissertation discussion chapter writer?

    Need a dissertation discussion chapter? To earn top marks, you must be able to discuss your research findings. The discussion chapter is the framing section of a dissertation, and its function is to return the important argument set up in the introduction section. It is, therefore, important to reread the introduction chapter properly before the discussion chapter is done. Discussion of the hypothesis according to the way it is demonstrated by the research and indicates the effects on field’s knowledge as a result of the introduction of new data. If you need an expert to handle your dissertation discussion chapter, then look no further than expert essays writers.

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