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A dissertation abstract writing is an important step in any dissertation writing process. It refers to a summary of the research aims and the findings documented in the dissertation. Since it serves as the first item, it provides the opportunity for setting accurate anticipations. It briefly outlines the research question(s), the aims of the research question(s), study background, issues to be addressed to achieve these aims, the methodology, the research outcomes and recommendations if any. Leave your abstract writing to professionals like us to attain top marks.

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When to write a dissertation abstract

Since a dissertation abstract is a short summary of the whole work, and it reports the aims and the outcomes of the conducted research, it is therefore; logical to write it last. The abstract is usually 150 to 300 words, but this can vary depending on the subject, and the professor’s preferences. After data collection, analysis and results documentation, it is then the right time to write a short dissertation abstract that will be a summary of the documented results. Your abstract should be understandable to any individual, even if they have not read the dissertation

Tips on how to write dissertation abstract

The dissertation abstract should be clear and straight to the point. This should contain four major components.
  • Aims: the first section of a dissertation abstract should be the definition of research aims. This defines what the research has been conducted to achieve. This also states the problem and the questions that the research answered.
  • Methods: These are the research methods used in the research to answer questions. This should be straight forward and is written in past simple tense.
  • Results: The dissertation abstract also has to summarize the results of the research. Here it is necessary to only highlight the important research findings to help the reader understand the dissertation.
  • Conclusion: Here you will state the main or major conclusions of the dissertation or the research. This show how the outlined research questions were answered.

How to grow your experience in dissertation abstract writing

To write a good dissertation abstract, it is good to keep the language simple for any reader to understand. You can become better in abstract writing by reading abstracts of other dissertations, to understand how they are crafted. If you need to hire a writer to write your dissertation abstract, then look no further than expert essays writers. We have a team of experts that will craft your dissertation abstract to get you the top marks. Our writers work with you throughout this process and ensure that you receive your abstract withing your selected deadline.

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Are dissertation abstract writing services expensive?
No, they are not. Dissertation abstract writing and editing services are not expensive. If you need cheap dissertation abstract writing, then hire our team of experts. We understand that this is not a full dissertation, but just a summary. Therefore, our prices are highly discounted to cater for the needs of our clients. Our order system is designed to give you the best prices by working-out a combination of features such as number or words needed, academic level and deadline among others. Therefore, you have the freedom to choose the best price for your dissertation abstract.

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