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A dissertation literature review is written in a dissertation, thesis or a research paper. It is a review of existing knowledge in the particular topic or area of study. Your dissertation literature review writing is the foundation of a strong piece of research. It is a stepping stone to identify the existing information on your research topic and to set the stage for your research. For any topic, there is already a collection of research studies already performed. It is important to acknowledge what is already known regarding the topic and the related systems. Moreover, you demonstrate that this research focuses on further new developments of knowledge and understanding. If you need help from experts in writing a dissertation literature review, kindly leave it to us because we are highly experienced in research and documentation.

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Tips for writing a dissertation literature review

A dissertation literature review is not to be taken lightly. This is because the information in your literature review is the basis of your dissertation and determines the direction to follow with your research. It is therefore necessary to collect information from sources relevant to your topic. Before selecting sources for your literature review it is important to consider a number of factors

Factors to consider when selecting literature review sources

  • Relevance: The sources you analyze in your dissertation literature review should be relevant to the field and topic of study.
  • Authenticity: There is a lot of information available in both publication and online. It it therefore necessary to consider the authenticity of your sources, so as to use only academically acceptable sources
  • Credibility of the sources: Look at the author and the publisher to determine the credibility of sources. Not all sources with information are worth citing in your dissertation literature review
  • Age: This is another very important factor. You do not want to conduct a research on a current issue, but cite sources that are very old. In most cases professors issue guidelines on how old your sources should be.

How to write a dissertation literature review

After selecting relevant, authentic and credible sources that are not outdated, it is now time to start writing your literature review. Start by reading widely on the topic in different sources and noting the important information that you want to include in your literature review. The start your writing and seek to understand how different authors have interacted with the topic.

Why hire a professional to write my dissertation literature review?

The literature review might be longest chapter of the dissertation. Therefore, it requires a lot of commitment and resources in terms of time and finances. It is therefore, right to say that you will need a lot of skill and experience in research, analysis and documentation. As a student, if you do not have these skills, or you doubt your ability to do the dissertation, then you will need the help of a professional. Expert essays writers is a team of qualified writers and certified editor that work on dissertations and thesis for a living. There is no any literature review that we cannot handle. We shall have your back and ensure that all the requirements are met and you complete the literature review on time. Place an order with us and you will have the literature review within no time.

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