The Dissertation Discussion Chapter is the framing section of a dissertation, and its function is to return the important argument set up in the introduction section. It is, therefore, important to reread the introduction chapter properly before the discussion chapter is done. Discussion of the hypothesis according to the way it is demonstrated by the research and indicates the effects on the field’s knowledge as a result of the introduction of new data.

Importance of a Dissertation Discussion Chapter

Dissertation Discussion Chapter begins with the interpretation of the results and then continues to implement the field within the general field. This chapter is an odd beast since it where the researcher speculates the findings while still avoiding rambling as well as arriving at logical leaps beyond the supported data.

An evolving solution is normally set up in this section as a dialogue between theories and results. This means that all experimental results were arriving d obtained from other publications as a result of existing relationship that the researcher aims to get. In most cases, the result collaborates, refines, conflicts or extends with other results. The first statement in a research discussion is the restatement of the research question which is then followed by the depth of how the research questions have been answered.

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Later findings are related to issues raised in the introduction chapter such as differences, similarities, and common trends. This shows whether the research refines, conflicts, extends, or collaborates with the previous research. In the case of unexpected findings, they should be interpreted in terms of interpretation, and method and case of extreme cases rewriting of the introduction section are important. In a stylish manner, the discussion chapter normally likes bullet-ed points that need to be rewritten in the form of a paragraph. It is good to use subheading if necessary but if not concentrate on the flow between all the sections. Grammatical first-person language should be highly avoided since it might be very intrusive.